Monday, 21 April 2014

Progress of project holder stand

  While using the tools, make sure you are wearing the safety goggles and gloves. When cutting out the shape of your aesthetic idea, make sure that it is still at its place and does not hop about or move about violently as that would affect your process at working and may even cause injury to yourself.

  While trying to put the dowel into the holes, I realised that the dowel would not fit in and when I forced it in, the wood split a little. In the end, the teacher taught us that if  the dowel does not fit, we could have just sanded it using the sand paper and not force it.

  To improve, I could have cut out my 15mm wood nicer as currently, the sides are very uneven.

  Now, I am in the process of cutting out my wood and assembling the pieces together.

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